We’re not going to tell you tell you that RVing with kids is a walk in the (national) park. We are going to share our tips for making it easier! Here’s our tips and tricks to make life on the road less bumpy.

  1. ENTERTAINMENT – We can’t stress this one enough! You already have your stops and excursions planned. Don’t forget to plan the entertainment for travel days too! We all know electronics are controversial when you’re trying to teach kiddos about the natural wonders of the world…We would argue they’re worth it on the travel days if they mean you’re not being asked “are we there yet?” every two minutes. We also recommend coloring books, good ole fashioned reading books, magnetic lap tables, or movies. 
  2. SNACKS non messy pre-prepared snacks are a must. We recommend filling up a gallon zip top bag with individually packaged snacks. Include a combination of sweet and salty, the kids will love the variety. Don’t forget to pack one for adults too! 
  3. DRINKS – Stock up the cooler and keep your family’s favorite drinks on hand. Keep gas station trips fill ups only. This means less time travelling and more time at your destination, enough said!
  4. CLASSIC ROAD TRIP GAMES – We love these to keep the kids engaged and make them look out the window. I Spy, License Plate Game and Scavenger hunts are some of our favorites. 
  5. CLEANING KIT – This one is an ESSENTIAL, say it again for the people in the back! Paper towels, tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, diapers, extra change of clothes for each kid. Having a cleaning kit ready to go has helped us avoid many meltdowns from parents and kids. We recommend this tip to everyone! 

If you have any other suggestions we want to hear them! We love learning about hacks that keep the whole family happy on travel days! 

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