10 Practical Camping Tips & RV Etiquette Pointers For Every Camper

Life at the campsite is anything but predictable and there’s no question that every camper has made a mistake or two on their adventures. Spending time in the great outdoors while sleeping under the stars can be the experience of a lifetime and you should be prepared for it. Whether this is your first time or if you’re a seasoned camper these are some tips and pointers everyone can use.

1. Know the Weather

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting out on the camping trip you were so looking forward to and not being prepared for the weather. You should do research on the forecast beforehand so that you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you. You may also want to research the region itself. Some parts of the country can get random rainstorms throughout the day.

2. Bring Emergency Supplies 

No one ever wants to have a need for emergency supplies, but they are always good to have on hand. It’s a given to pack a first aid kit just in case for bumps and scratches, and even an upset tummy. You should also consider packing a map, compass, flashlight, and knife to be prepared for absolutely anything. 

3. Socialize

As nice as it is to get out of suburbia for a little and escape from people, it’s also important to be friendly with strangers at any campground you set up camp at. Remember to make an effort to get out of your RV or tent and get friendly with the neighbors. Having a little company can make your experience a little cozier and you never know people from what walks of life you will meet. 

4. Test Equipment Before Your Trip

When was the last time you used that flashlight or propane fuel? If you can’t remember the last time you went camping, it’s safe to check these things, and anything else you may pack that takes power, batteries, or fuel. Also ensure that your tent, sleeping bag, etc. is clear of any tears. Once you get out in the wild, you’re stuck with what you’ve got. 

5. Arrive to the Campsite Early

If you’ve reserved a campsite at a campground, then you’re safe to arrive whenever you please. However, if you’re just winging it and hoping there will be open lots, we recommend arriving earlier to ensure a place to stay for the night. It’s also a good thing to arrive early, to get a lay of the land like finding the restrooms and other essentials for your stay.

6. Enjoy Yourself

Camping is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Remember to let loose and not over think the little things. It’s important to remember the reason you took the trip in the first place––to get outside and relax in the great outdoors. Take this time to make great memories with your friends and family. No camping trip will ever go exactly as planned and that’s part of the fun!

7. Be Conscious of Your Noise & Light Level 

Keep your voices down and light level low. Friendly reminder that you aren’t the only one at a campground. While you should absolutely enjoy your adventure, you don’t want to disturb others. Having bright lights and talking loudly while others are sleeping can be disrespectful to many. Most campgrounds set hours in which any level of noise and light is acceptable. For most places these hours can range from 7AM to 10PM.

8. Bring Your Furry Friend but be Respectful

It’s no secret that dogs are great camping and hiking companions––after all, they’re man’s best friend. Your pet is part of the family and we always recommend that they should join you, but be mindful of other RVers. Don’t forget to pack your doggy bags and make sure you pick up after your pet. Even if your dog is well trained, you should always have them on leash.

9. Practice Campfire Safety

Sitting around the campfire is a great source of making memories and is always a great end to your day. However, practicing safe campfire use is recommended, and at most campgrounds required. You should start by always using the pit provided on the grounds and following all rules given. You should never leave the campfire unattended and put it out properly every time. 

10. Leave the Campsite Better Than You Found it

As you get ready to pack up your belongings at your campsite, try to clean up as best as you can. Even if your campsite was a trash filled mess when you found it, don’t let the people who come after you have the same experience. Before you leave, do one last walk through to make sure you didn’t forget anything. 

We hope these tips and pointers help you prepare for your next camping trip and give you a little more confidence in knowing what to do when going camping. Your escape in the outdoors should be easy and pleasurable. 

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